Cool Neon Lighting

Aug 132011

For our Bay Area customers, during the next 2 weeks leading up until we leave for the Playa, we now have walk-in shopping hours in Oakland
Wednesday through Friday, noon to 5 PM.

EL Wire Soldering Demonstration at Cool Neon Oakland

More soldering parties!
Wednesdays and Fridays 5 – 8 PM

August 17th, 19th, 24th

See our Facebook page for current details.

 Cool Neon / Funhouse Productions
1433 Mandela Parkway
Oakland CA 94607

(510) 547-5878


Our annual Playa vacation is coming – so we will not be fulfilling orders placed after Friday, August 26th until we return the second week of September.

Please note:  due to extreme last minute customer volume, order changes and returns cannot be processed the week before we leave so please do not wait this long, and if you do, please order cautiously. If you miss our order deadline and are headed to the Playa, you can pick up “Instant Gratification” items at a variety of Bay Area and Nevada stores listed on our website.

Cool Neon EL Wire - Funhouse Productions - in beautiful Oakland California

Aug 102011

Come learn the (really simple) skill of soldering EL Wire – and light up your creations!

Cool Neon EL Wire soldering demo by Howard - you can learn this too!FREE soldering demonstration!
Plus we have all the Cool Neon EL Wire
you need for your Artistic creations.

Cool Neon EL Wire in beautiful Oakland CaliforniaWhere:

Cool Neon EL Wire soldering expert Josh

Cool Neon EL Wire/Funhouse Productions
1433 Mandela Parkway, West Oakland, CA 94607

TODAY!  Wednesday August 10, 2011
TIME: 5pm – 8pm

Also tonight: Volunteer to help work on The Serpent Twins!


Maybe you can make this:
Total Control Lighting - at Cool Neon Funhouse Productions  into this?  Cool Neon EL Wire Star Suit

 Come see our soldering demo  – give it a go – learn how to do something really awesome!


Total Control Lighting!

Total Control Lighting - at Cool Neon Funhouse Productions