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Jul 192014


Red Cylon Eye

Red Cylon Eye

We suspect that if you knew what a cylon was, you would want to install one. So, from Chris Knight, here is the first Instructable “Put a Cylon On It“, and this is how it starts…

Last year the comedy sketch show ‘Portlandia‘ made fun of an arts and craft trend, where craft artists would take ordinary items and ‘put a bird on it’. I fell victim to a similar trend in the geek crowd: Take an ordinary silver item and add LEDs to ‘put a cylon in it’. 🙂

When I saw the Total Control Lighting strands, the first thing that came to mind was sticking these on the front of my Jeep to create a ‘Cylon Eye’. Installing them in the Jeep was a breeze, which then freed me up to tinker with the software. I now have a multi-mode Cylon Eye with a pretty purple control module in my Jeep.

As you can see from the Instructable, the Red Cylon Eye uses the Super Density WS2812 strip on the Awesome Developer Kit.

We just heard from Chris again, and he has made some final tweaks to the Red Cylon Eye, outlined in this Instructable.


Jul 142014
2013 Soldering Party

2013 Soldering Party

Come learn the (really simple) skill of soldering EL Wire – and light up your creations!

Our annual Soldering Parties at Cool Neon are here again, an annual tradition since ’99, always free. 

NOON – 6PM: Saturday, August 16th.

Come to our shop in Oakland to learn everything you need to know to get you glowing. Soldering workshops and project advice are always free. Bring your ideas, bikes, vehicles, outfits, questions, patience, kids, friends, and enthusiasm.

Social Revolution Bike and Patent

Social Revolution Bike and Patent

While there, you can test ride our Social Revolution, the 2-3 person playa tricycle.

The Light Room in our Shop

The Light Room in our Shop

AND, see all the new additions to our product line since our shop will be open.

In addtion, order pick-up and in-store shopping Tuesday – Friday 11 AM – 4 PM. We are conveniently located near the base of the Bay Bridge in Oakland. 

Call us, Benny, Karen, and Gian anytime with questions.


1433 Mandela Parkway

Oakland, CA 94607

We can’t wait to see you and your projects glowing on the playa!

Benny, Karen, Gian and the Elves

Jul 092014

Giant Cupcake - Total Control LightingScott sent us this fun video of his giant motorized cupcake car, which he is in the process of perfecting, lit using Total Control Lighting. Our favorite line, a perfect thought from a maker, “We have to put brakes on, but that’ll be for Maker Faire.”

You can see the video HERE.

Benny, Karen and the Elves