May 312013

An amazing project using our Total Control Lighting pixels.  We’re proud to show off Josh Kottler’s work.

josh kottler wrote:

Here is a bit more of the Pixel Matrix in action. As some of you may know, We have been developing this product for several months. It is available for rent in 4′ sections for a measly $10/strip. This display was built with 100 strips and assembled into a 16h x 40’w array. It uses 2400 pixels and is controlled through Arkaos Grand Vj software and a MIDI control Surface. This allows the user to create real time graphics and control the content in a fluid and intuitive way. Clips can be set to trigger by the press of a button and faders can be assigned to parameters such as RED GREEN BLUE, XYZ axis, Transparency, Speed, Rotation, Tiling, etc…

The effect is mesmerizing and causes a huge impact at a fraction of the cost of Intelligent lighting, not to mention that the entire rig uses less than 100w to operate! It even has a powerful impact under bright lighting.
The strips are designed to be infinitely modular. The design is limited only by your imagination.

If you have any questions or an idea how you would like to use something like this, please give me a call. Id love to try out some new setups!


Josh Kottler
Live Events Dept Manager
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May 282013

neonsign-02 diy neon signKaren Horn of The Poopers blog has written a fabulous tutorial about How to Create a Neon Sign using “High Bright” wire for general use, or “Phat” electroluminescent wire from Cool Neon.  The tutorial specifies the specific supplies she used from Cool Neon, including the Quieter Blue Fish Driver, Heat Shrink Tubing (Heat Shrink Tubing is included for free with every purchase of Cool Neon wire (about an inch per estimated solder joint, but sometimes you might need a little bit more) and  Wire Side Connectors.  The other supplies needed can be purchased at the hardware store.

We love how clear and thorough this tutorial is, and you could apply her steps to lots of different projects.

Thanks for the great tips Karen and we would love to hear from you when you create your next Cool Neon project.

Benny, Karen and the Elves



Feb 132013
Heartfullness in Las Vegas

Heartfullness in Las Vegas

Last year at about this time, Katy Boynton mentioned that she had had a dream since the first time she went to the Playa, to create a heart that expressed  “Have you had your heart broken by romance, the loss of a loved one, illness or other forms of heartbreak?” and she already had a design in her head.  It is Heartfullness.  She and her crew created this fabulous piece, and a photo was featured in Rolling Stone. How cool is that?

They used Cool Neon Single Density RGB LEDs to light it and from a distance at night it looked like a broken heart.  Isn’t it fabulous?

Benny, Karen and the Elves