Oct 092013

planatary dreams  3-10-07 at 10.39.53 AMOur customer Paul of Sable Studios sent us a prototype of his 3D half dome “Planetary Dreams”.  This is 100 bullet pixels in a hemisphere, it could be made as a wall piece, floor mounted or hung as a mobile or the Ultimate Disco Ball!  A full Sphere it would contain 200 pixels.

He uses square  pixels in some other designs.  He uses Sintra as a substrate, he designed the armatures, had them fabricated using a CNC overhead router and they are run by gateway controllers.

They are scalable, and he can adapt them to your needs.

If you are interested in contacting Paul:

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Aug 212013

Here’s a look at what fabulousness can be built with Total Control Lighting. The artists, Toby and Pete said:

We created this interactive light installation for Flume’s “Infinity Prism Tour”. The prism has since become an icon that accompanies Flume on stage at all of his live shows.

Flume – Infinity Prism from Toby & Pete on Vimeo.

Pretty amazing isn’t it!

Benny, Karen & the Elves