Aug 022012

Help our friends that are creating Tranceporter II transform a short bus into a glowing love potion bottle that lights up the playa!  They are lighting their art car with Cool Neon products so we wanted to do a little shout out in case you wanted to help them out.  Have you ever wanted to play with a Tesla Coil, here is your chance. Their Kickstarter page is here!

Benny and the Elves

Aug 012012

The Cosmic Carousel, which is on it way to the Playa this year, is an aluminum sculptural form levitating just above the surface of its location. Human interaction is encouraged.  The Cosmic Carousel is kind of like a big Sit-N-Spin for several adults at a time.  We think you will like it.  Here are a few photos where you can see their progress.

We are very pleased that the Cosmic Carousel it using Cool Neon products to light it up on the Playa this year. We hope you will check out their Kickstarter page and send them a few bucks if you are able.

Benny and the Elves

Apr 042012

Truth is BeautyProject One in San Francisco is holding a fundraising event on Friday, April 6th.  It was a joy to work with Marco of Bliss Dance fame.  Truth and Beauty was lit on the Playa this year with 200 Total Control Lighting pixels, an Arduino, a TCL Simple Shield, and our friend Ping’s brilliant programming.  We can’t wait to see Truth and Beauty in its full glory this year!