Apr 082013

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 11.32.56 PMHave you heard there is a cool 5k run/walk that is as much an electric light show as it is a run?  Electric Run™ is a run, participation art, and celebration of life. Incredibly talented artists and lighting technicians with experience creating beautiful art and light at Coachella, Dreamworks Animations, Disney, and some of Vegas’ hottest shows have come together to create  a world that will fill you with wonder.

They say on their site:

The course is the set and the participants are the cast! Come let your light shine and your creative juices flow. Add your own creative spark by dressing up in other-worldy costumes that glow, shine, blink, and dazzle. Show us all what you’ve got!

Each course will have 5-10 distinct lighting experiences which will include different artistic elements and different moods. Some will be very energetic others will be more etherial. Our in-house DJs will be working with our Art and Lighting Directors to create custom mixes that work with the visual mood in each world.
We watched their video (below) and the participants are wearing just a little light to full blown electroluminescent lit costumes.  Here are some of our suggestions for you:
Pocket Plasma.  A disc of plasma light that reacts to music

Rainbow Tassles.  a burst of all 10 of our High Bright and Hella Phat colors
Fuze Necklaces.  polished quartz necklaces that radiate a spectrum of light.
Cool Neon Sunglasses
Look at all of our Instant Gratification Cool Neon items that are ready to wear.

And here are a couple more possibilities:

Our 5ft plug and play unit. 10ft and 20ft options are available too.

For more advanced costumes our total control lighting paired with a gateway controller.

Rainbow Tassles will need a driver.  We suggest the AA Handheld driver.
Pocket Plasmas, drivers, and Plug & Play kits will need batteries.

Hope you have a wonderful time, and send us photos of YOU having fun with your Cool Neon lighting, please…

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Jan 232013

A few weeks ago we showed you the installation at the San Francisco Merchants Exchange Building.  We have some new photos and a video to show you from BRAZENWORKS.  This installation was commissioned by the Clint Reilly Group to have BRAZENWORKS design and install their third work for San Francisco’s historic Merchants Exchange building.




IMG_3844There are 2,150 square Total Control Lighting pixels, arranged in 2 banks of 1,950 and 200 pixels, each bank controlled by an Elite 2K Controller.

This is what Brazenworks said on their blog about the installation at the San Francisco Merchants Exchange Building:

Commissioned by the Clint Reilly Group to design and install our third work for San Francisco’s historic Merchants Exchange building, this time BRAZENWORKS turned the beautiful beaux arts styled atrium and exterior into a dynamic computer controlled light sculpture dubbed ‘the crystal cave’, complete with over 60 giant ‘lightcicles’ and two life-sized deer.

Collaborating with the fantastic folks from Rebar and Cool Neon Funhouse Productions, the project was realized with the mad design skills, professionalism and gusto of Ghigo DiTomasso, Tyler Pew and Benny James who worked through the night to deliver the project on time, and mindfully addressed our clients’ concerns regarding the atrium’s priceless marble floors and million dollar artworks.

The final icicle design pays tribute to the classic modern ‘falkland’ lamp designed by Bruno Munari for Danese in 1964. We thought of pushing the idea of employing materials usually used for the textile industry (the lamp was produced in a nylon stocking factory) even further by introducing another element along with the Lycra tubing: the embroidery hoop.


We love this installation and think it was beautiful and elegant and made a historic building all the more beautiful.

Benny, Karen and the Elves


To follow Brazenworks on their blog

photos/video: Zak Brazen, Creative Director at Brazenworks

Aug 012012

Benny will be demonstrating his 10 X 20 foot Total Control Lighting Screen at Art & Soul in Oakland this weekend.  Art & Soul is two, art-and-music, packed days featuring live jazz, rock, gospel, E.D.M., punk, honky-tonk, metal, world, Latin, folk, R&B, and blues music performed by national recording artists and top local talent.

Besides Cool Neon, this year’s event also features; epic scales of art installations, film projections, and light-based art from local artists including de Young Museum artist fellows and artist-in-residence alumni, American Steel, and others; hundreds of artisan booths; gourmet global cuisine and mobile food trucks; and for kids, carnival rides, music and art activities.

Easy to get to and fun for all, the 12th annual Art & Soul Oakland offers direct access via public transit in addition to free parking for cars and bikes.

Saturday, August 4: 2pm to Midnight
Sunday, August 5: Noon to 6pm
Entrance gates close 1/2 hour before close of festival

Transportation and driving directions to Art & Soul
Art & Soul is conveniently located in downtown Oakland adjacent to the 12th Street/City Center BART station. So, no matter where you live in the Bay Area, there is no better (or easier to get to) entertainment option that weekend.

Entrances at:
14th Street & Broadway
16th Street & San Pablo Avenue
Promenade beside City Center West Garage

Stop by and say Hello! to Benny and the Elves, they would love to see you.