Aug 052014

big_bike_at_night-3Our client Eric was kind enough to send us a photo of his amazing bike that is ready for the Playa. He used just under 800 RGB LED  Single Density Strips and 12 MonkeyLectrics M232s

big_bikeAnd we loved that he sent us a photo in the daytime, so you could see what some of the hardware looks like and how fabulous he looks.

We think it looks wonderful! Thanks for sending us the photos Eric.

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Jul 312014

doodle dudes3If you’re planning to head for the playa and are looking for quick but beautiful ways to stay lit, here are some ideas:

Pocket Plasma.  A disc of plasma light that reacts to music
Rainbow Tassles.  A burst of all 10 of our High Bright and Hella Phat colors
Fuze Necklaces.  Polished quartz necklaces that radiate a spectrum of light
Cool Neon Sunglasses
Look at all of our Instant Gratification items for Cool Neon EL wire that’s ready to wear, including our 5ft plug and play unit, 10ft and 20ft options.
For more advanced costumes, our Total Control Lighting paired with a Gateway Controller.

Rainbow Tassles will need a driver.  We suggest the AA Handheld.

Pocket Plasmas, drivers, and Plug & Play kits will need batteries.

If you’d like some soldering help, project advice, or extra time to shop, Cool Neon will be having Soldering Parties in our Oakland shop on Saturdays in early August. 

For inspiration to make your own costumes, you can take a look at:

Cool Neon Electroluminescent Wire and Leather Necklace (with Instructable)

How to make a Stickman Costume

Doodle Dudes


A Costume Going to the Playa in 2012

Check out our Tutorials for more technical info.

See you on the playa!

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Jul 292014

disco yacht2Our client sent us these fun videos of his entry into the Dana Point Boat Parade of Lights 2013, and this is what he had to say:

You see plenty of LED on the Playa, but not the default world. We prepared our CoolNeon Pixel sail for the Dana Point harbor. Then ran LEDs along the rest of the boat.

It was our first entry in the boat parade, and we won best animation in her class. Nothing says Happy Holidays more than an animated pole dancer.

Thanks CoolNeon, you made our holidays extra special.

And we know you want to know what he used: 25 x 15 Pixel Square + “Elite” 2K Controller (TCLPXLC2)

Thanks for sharing such wonderful, creative fun, Kevin. We look forward to more.

Benny, Karen, and the Elves