Jul 312013

totem collageI know we are all getting excited for the amazing art that will be on the Playa this year. You can look forward to seeing these amazing Totems in the daytime and of course at night.  They will be located out on the playa at 9:30 & Esplanade.

Here is what the artist, Jason WA Tucker has to say about his installation this year:

”The cellular entities I refer to as Actual Contact evolved out of an abstract art form I had been painting for more than a decade. A cellular world of linguistic anthropomorphs sprang into the foreground and the whole experience coalesced into a discovery of these entities moving, morphing, and communicating. For me, painting became an act of participation with an Other, unifying alien contact, art, symbol, language, shamanism, the holy ghost, and alchemy. I see the totems, and the images on them, as an empathic expression of a cosmic connection between all things.”

There will be 12 ten foot Totems on the Playa this year, and then they hope to find a permanent home for them.  Jason will be using the 25 LEDs on the Total Control Lighting Pixel strand and Cool Neon’s Awesome Developer Kit for Total Control Lighting.

To read more about the artist and these Totems click HERE:

Benny, Karen and the Elves