Sep 302013

lightmanOur client, Jamie Holzschuh, sent us this fun video of “Lightman” at the 2013 Joe Nall Fly-In.  Jamie used 25 feet of Aqua 2.6mm with a Fish with Switch Driver.  He said it could be seen perfectly from 400 feet away.  We thought the Cool Neon Sunglasses were a nice touch.

We love it when you send us videos and photos, keep them coming folks….

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Sep 162013

Lightwalker makes the front page of the local newspaper.

He used 350 pixels … 75 on each leg and 100 on each arm, a mix of bullets and squares.  The squares are on his pants and are 2 strands of 25 that he split and added connectors. He has a great tutorial you should check out.

We think that is very exciting, good job, Casey!

Lightwalker newspaper

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Aug 212013

jessica at gencon  jessica at gencon2Our customer Jessica wrote us this note a couple of days ago and we thought you might like to see it:

A few months ago I placed a Cool Neon order in order to finish a cosplay that I debuted at Gencon a few days ago. I just got some pictures back and thought I’d pass them on.. because… hey, pictures are cool.

I’m not sure if you’re fans of Starcraft, but what the hell. I ran a real-life dungeon crawl at the convention a few hours after dark and was completely freaking people out by the AMAZING glow from my suit. I had sooooo many questions, and plugged you guys quite a bit. 🙂 And had a lot of people ask me how to work with the wire and how to solder it…. so I wanted to say thanks for the amazing tutorials on your site, because without them i’d be glow-less.

Amazing product that you have!

Thanks for your note and photos Jessica, YES, we LOVE photos.  You look fabulous and we are here to help any time we can.
Benny, Karen and the Elves