Aug 062013

Come learn the (really simple) skill of soldering EL Wire – and light up your creations!

Our annual Soldering Parties at Cool Neon are here again!
4 – 9 pm: Saturdays, August 10th, and August 17th.
Come to our shop in Oakland to learn everything you need to know to get you glowing, they have been an annual tradition since 1999.  Soldering workshops and project advice are always free.  Bring your ideas, bikes, vehicles, outfits, questions, patience, kids, friends, and enthusiasm.

IMG_2806FREE soldering demonstration!
Plus we have all the Cool Neon EL Wire
you need for your Artistic creations.

Cool Neon EL Wire/Funhouse Productions
1433 Mandela Parkway, West Oakland, CA 94607

bryan light room 330kThe shop will be open for any purchases you want to make and be sure and see our Light Room when you stop by.

We will be we will be leaving for the Playa after shipping our last orders on Friday, August 23rd, and we will be returning the second week of September.

 Come see our soldering demo  – give it a go – learn how to do something really awesome!


Total Control Lighting!

Total Control Lighting - at Cool Neon Funhouse Productions

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Apr 082013

Screen Shot 2013-03-30 at 11.32.56 PMHave you heard there is a cool 5k run/walk that is as much an electric light show as it is a run?  Electric Run™ is a run, participation art, and celebration of life. Incredibly talented artists and lighting technicians with experience creating beautiful art and light at Coachella, Dreamworks Animations, Disney, and some of Vegas’ hottest shows have come together to create  a world that will fill you with wonder.

They say on their site:

The course is the set and the participants are the cast! Come let your light shine and your creative juices flow. Add your own creative spark by dressing up in other-worldy costumes that glow, shine, blink, and dazzle. Show us all what you’ve got!

Each course will have 5-10 distinct lighting experiences which will include different artistic elements and different moods. Some will be very energetic others will be more etherial. Our in-house DJs will be working with our Art and Lighting Directors to create custom mixes that work with the visual mood in each world.
We watched their video (below) and the participants are wearing just a little light to full blown electroluminescent lit costumes.  Here are some of our suggestions for you:
Pocket Plasma.  A disc of plasma light that reacts to music

Rainbow Tassles.  a burst of all 10 of our High Bright and Hella Phat colors
Fuze Necklaces.  polished quartz necklaces that radiate a spectrum of light.
Cool Neon Sunglasses
Look at all of our Instant Gratification Cool Neon items that are ready to wear.

And here are a couple more possibilities:

Our 5ft plug and play unit. 10ft and 20ft options are available too.

For more advanced costumes our total control lighting paired with a gateway controller.

Rainbow Tassles will need a driver.  We suggest the AA Handheld driver.
Pocket Plasmas, drivers, and Plug & Play kits will need batteries.

Hope you have a wonderful time, and send us photos of YOU having fun with your Cool Neon lighting, please…

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Jan 282013

anthrolumehires brianWe are excited to tell you about our client Bryan Ressler and his art, which can be found at  ANTHROLUME – An experiment in wearable electronic art.  His blog includes a video and range of photos and our favorites, posts on “Accidental Art” and “How Art Begins”.  We always love information about the artist’s process.

We wanted to show you this photo of Bryan that was in LA Weekly. We could not help but love it.  Bryan’s camp on the Playa, Prismaticamp, had 12 wearable LED outfits of different kinds, and a vehicle, all using Total Control Lighting.

Photo credit: Curious Josh, LA Weekly
Brian’s work will be at Oscillate, a gallery in Seattle until February 8, 2013, with an artist’s panel on February 6th.  Do stop by if you are in the area.
Benny, Karen and the Elves