Jan 282013

anthrolumehires brianWe are excited to tell you about our client Bryan Ressler and his art, which can be found at  ANTHROLUME – An experiment in wearable electronic art.  His blog includes a video and range of photos and our favorites, posts on “Accidental Art” and “How Art Begins”.  We always love information about the artist’s process.

We wanted to show you this photo of Bryan that was in LA Weekly. We could not help but love it.  Bryan’s camp on the Playa, Prismaticamp, had 12 wearable LED outfits of different kinds, and a vehicle, all using Total Control Lighting.

Photo credit: Curious Josh, LA Weekly
Brian’s work will be at Oscillate, a gallery in Seattle until February 8, 2013, with an artist’s panel on February 6th.  Do stop by if you are in the area.
Benny, Karen and the Elves
Jan 232013

A few weeks ago we showed you the installation at the San Francisco Merchants Exchange Building.  We have some new photos and a video to show you from BRAZENWORKS.  This installation was commissioned by the Clint Reilly Group to have BRAZENWORKS design and install their third work for San Francisco’s historic Merchants Exchange building.




IMG_3844There are 2,150 square Total Control Lighting pixels, arranged in 2 banks of 1,950 and 200 pixels, each bank controlled by an Elite 2K Controller.

This is what Brazenworks said on their blog about the installation at the San Francisco Merchants Exchange Building:

Commissioned by the Clint Reilly Group to design and install our third work for San Francisco’s historic Merchants Exchange building, this time BRAZENWORKS turned the beautiful beaux arts styled atrium and exterior into a dynamic computer controlled light sculpture dubbed ‘the crystal cave’, complete with over 60 giant ‘lightcicles’ and two life-sized deer.

Collaborating with the fantastic folks from Rebar and Cool Neon Funhouse Productions, the project was realized with the mad design skills, professionalism and gusto of Ghigo DiTomasso, Tyler Pew and Benny James who worked through the night to deliver the project on time, and mindfully addressed our clients’ concerns regarding the atrium’s priceless marble floors and million dollar artworks.

The final icicle design pays tribute to the classic modern ‘falkland’ lamp designed by Bruno Munari for Danese in 1964. We thought of pushing the idea of employing materials usually used for the textile industry (the lamp was produced in a nylon stocking factory) even further by introducing another element along with the Lycra tubing: the embroidery hoop.


We love this installation and think it was beautiful and elegant and made a historic building all the more beautiful.

Benny, Karen and the Elves


To follow Brazenworks on their blog

photos/video: Zak Brazen, Creative Director at Brazenworks

Oct 042012

Mike Chiappetta sent us a photo of his costume for the Playa this year, and what do you want to bet that it might come out for Halloween too?

He used 3 drivers – 1) the face is on a hat as a seperate driver, 2) the heart beats on and off as a seperate driver and 3) the body uses a “Big Boy” driver for the chest, arms and legs. He sewed it with fishing line for durability and kept the cool neon wire loose for easy movement.

Thanks for sending us a photo Mike, we love seeing your art.

Mike Chiappetta

Benny, Karen & the Elves