Jan 302015

xlix1This phatabulous sign will be seen all week through Super Bowl XLIX. Blue Media designed and installed the sign using:
* 220 ft of 5mm Hella Phat Cool Neon wire > http://bit.ly/1sWHjPe
* a DAC330 driver > http://bit.ly/1CCt83Z
* and extensions and connectors > http://bit.ly/1yQnE4f

Daniel from Blue Media tells us “These pictures show the orange as yellow, but in real life it nails it.”

We love the sign Daniel, thanks for sending the photos.

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Jan 102015

Inherent Vice Poster Cool NeonA few weeks ago, Benny was on a top secret mission in Beijing, then off he went to Hollywood! What was he doing? He was in Beijing having some customized lighting made for the billboard for the movie “Inherent Vice”.

There has been some fun press about the billboard. Warner Bros. Pictures put together this fabulous video of the installation of the billboard and then how it looks in the dark Hollywood sky.

In addition to that, Daily Billboard wrote a fun article about the billboard, and then about halfway through the article, updated it when the lighting and movement were installed. So scroll way down to the UPDATED caption. You can read the article HERE.

And then the pièce de résistance came from Edgar Wright,  an English film and television director, screenwriter, producer, and actor. He tweeted “The ‘Inherent Vice’ billboard on the Sunset Strip with Katherine Waterston’s animated legs is the best outdoor poster I’ve ever seen.”

benny in chinaWow, that unexpected trip to China was well worth it!

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Dec 272014

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 9.17.20 AMIt is such a delight to be able to share what was a top secret project. Ariana Grande and Little Big Town were the hit of the Country Music Awards ceremony with their fabulous outfits we made for them using our double density RGB LED light roll, by none other than Cool Neon’s own, Benny James! We are pretty excited!

CMA Ariana in Workroom 1

CMA Ariana in Workroom2This is what they looked like in our workroom!

And here is a video!

The costumes got a lot of press. We especially like the Billboard mention, click HERE to see it, and they even mention Katy Perry’s costume, which was also made right here in our workroom.  E! Online also gave the costumes a shout out and also referenced Katy’s costume, click HERE to read it.

It has been an exciting year and we love sharing it with you.

photo: via Ariana Grande Visuals