Drone Courtship Brightens Up The Forest

drone courtshipAtelier D. Schlaepfer and Flyability made a two minute movie, featuring the magical encounter between two flying robots, or drone courtship. They used the world’s first drones capable of interacting with their environment and developed lighting and choreography to deliver a unique piece at the intersection of high-technology and art.
They used Cool Neon Hella Phat 5.0mm Wire. We loved this video and hope you will too, it is graceful and adept all at the same time.

To view the video on their website please click HERE.  We loved the backstage photos, you can see those HERE.
Thanks so much for sending us the video, we love sharing your work.
Benny and the Elves

Cool Neon Is On Vacation! See you in the desert.

Cool Neon will be on holiday beginning Saturday, August 29th.

All orders placed through tonight at midnight, Friday, August 28rd will be shipped before we leave for the playa.  Walk-in shopping is now on vacation.

Please see our Instant Gratification category for pre-soldered Cool Neon wire. We have every color of ready-to-go 5-, 10- and 20-foot Plug and Play Units with the driver of your choice.

Please note: due to extreme last minute customer volume, order changes and returns can’t be processed until we return the second week of September, so please order cautiously.

  • If you miss our order deadline and are headed to the Playa, you can pick up some “Instant Gratification” items at
  • SaveMart grocery stores in Reno,
  • Piedmont Boutique on Haight St. in San Francisco,
  • and a wider variety of products at Al Lasher’s Electronics , 1734 University Ave. in Berkeley (their phone # is 510-843-5915).
  • Reno Bike Project — 775-323-4488 — They have extended hours for the playa-bound: Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 6 pm.

Our annual Playa vacation starts Saturday. We’ll be back and glowing on Monday, September 14th.

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Illuminated Boots!

Illuminated Boots!

Illuminated BootsWe are so happy Matt sent us this video of his fabulous boots that he created using Cool Neon’s Total Control Lighting.

boots on Vimeo.

Matt used TCL lights and our TCL “Gate-way” 512 Controller (TCLCG512) to create his illuminated boots. And he sent us some tips we want to share with you:

  • I’m using the four D batteries case with a extra long Y shaped cord you guys made me to go down the back of my legs.
  • I used Velcro + super glue to attach the velcro to the boots and lights so I can take them off if need be. I used the super glue because the heat from the Playa started to melt the sticky backing of the Velcro and would start to come off during the day. So the glue keeps it from coming off.
  • I wrapped the wires in-between the pixels with black electrical tape for two reasons.
    1. To help fortify the wires and make them more sturdy and not bend as much.
    2. To make them black and less visible.
    I’ve had them on the Playa 2 or 3 times so far and I have only had to replace them once.

San Francisco

So Matt, thanks for sending us this fun video and maybe we will cross paths on the Playa.

Benny, Karen and the Elves

YES! There Is Still Time To Order Cool Neon Before The Playa!

Cool Neon Before the Playa! YES!

Cool Neon Before the Playa!We know you have been wondering whether there is still time to order some bright lights for the Playa.
YES, you can!

  • We’ll be shipping all orders received through 11:59 pm, Friday, August 28th.
  • For off-the-shelf items (i.e. not custom soldering), we ship most orders the same day or the next at the latest.
  • For addresses east of Nevada, USPS Priority Mail (for $9) can get to almost everywhere in the country in two days.
  • Or you can always choose FedEx Overnight, 2-day or 3-day express shipping too.
  • If there’s a date that you need to get delivery by the end of the day, just let us know in the Notes field during Checkout.
  • For more information about shipping, click HERE.

We are excited about the Playa as always, and we hope to see you out there, glowing with Cool Neon!

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Cool Neon’s CAT-09 vs. the Playa!

Cool Neon CAT-09

Yes, this has been to the Playa

Have you ever wondered how our products might do after the Playa? Are they still working?
Well guess what, the answer is YES!

Cool Neon’s CAT-09 vs the Playa!

Cool Neon's CAT-09

This is what it looked like before it was opened

We got a note from our client Chris the other day, and he sent us photos of the CAT-09 driver  he had removed from a project, after returning from the Playa… and it was still working!  

We are so pleased with this outcome! Thanks for letting us know Chris.

Keep those stories and photos coming people, we love them.

Benny, Karen and the Elves