Mar 262014

SAVE THE DATES Saturday & Sunday, May 17th and 18th

Well of course we are going to be at the Maker Faire again this year, because that is what you are, Makers.  So come on out to see us. It is a full-blown community fair that celebrates making, invention and creativity.  This family-friendly event brings together science, art, craft, homesteading and engineering plus music, food, workshops, and performance, and showcases the amazing work of makers across the San Francisco Bay and beyond.

This year we will once again will have a booth in the dark hall.

Super Sylvia and Benny at the Maker Faire

Super Sylvia and Benny at the Maker Faire 2013

Watch this space for additional details regarding our booth location (but you know you can look for the Total Control Lighting newly programmed interactive Screen, pictured above).  You are not going to want to miss any it.

When:  Saturday & Sunday, May 17th and 18th
Where: San Mateo County Events Center, CA
Saturday 10am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

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We look forward to seeing you.
Benny, Karen and the Elves

Photo by Misha Kutuzov (MKGraph)
Feb 262014

fireplacWe came across this fabulous Easy Programmable EL-Wire Wall Art Project with Cool-Neon Instructable that uses our Cool Neon Arduino Shield.

This is the first paragraph of the Instructable, describing the project:

Blank space, what to do?, what to do?
Our hackerspace has a blank brick wall above the fireplace. It’s been a cold winter so we’ve had a fair number of fires, but there is just something wrong about a blank brick wall. Well in this project I’ll document how to create an animated, Arduino controlled, EL-Wire design mounted in a picture frame, sure to spiff up any lonely chunk of wall space. I’ll go beyond just powering the lights and show how you can control up to 10 different segments of your picture using an aCool-Neon Arudino Shield and a bit of open source software.

We think it is pretty cool and we bet you will too. Thanks to mazzmn for the great project.

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Feb 112014

led wall 2led wall 1Hero Design and Adobe’s XD team created an 8′ x 16′ interactive wall using over 4,000 Total Control Lighting pixels for an astounding exhibit at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco. Starting with a mock up in foam and peg board by Adobe’s Tim Kukulski and implemented by Hero Design, this massive wall of 8-bit images was a perfect project for the individually programmable pixels.  You can learn about their process HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

LED Wall wiringled wal construction1

 This is the Result:

We’re delighted to see our pixels in such a creative project!

design consultation and fabrication by Hero Design
physical design, embedded software, display driver, interaction design and game implementation by Timothy Kukulski
sound design by Russ Butler
touch drivers by Will Ruby
active floor electronics, embedded software and fabrication by Sean Voisen
assembly and installation by Adobe XD