Materials List for Stickman Costume


If you’re using our Stickman Costume Design, this Materials List will give you a handy list of items that you’ll need to put it together.

This list accompanies the Stickman Costume Design diagram and the guide Designing a Costume Using Cool Neon.


Cool Neon Stickman Costume

Plug & Play Option (no custom soldering)

Materials List:

(1)  5’ Hella Phat Plug & Play Unit. Recommended: Fish with Switch Driver. Select color of your choice.

(5)  5’ Hella Phat Plug & Play Harnesses. (6 if you’re also making a face). Includes 5 Y Connectors. Select color of your choice.

(2)  6” extension

(1)  18” extension

(1)  8AA battery cage

(2)  Quad Connectors (Optional – these are easier to manage than 5-6 Y connectors)

Additional materials needed: solder, clear thread, pocket or pouch for driver and battery cage



  • This diagram is only a basic suggestion.  You can be creative with the colors and design.
  • The lengths in the diagram are approximate. Trace out your design on your body with a measuring tape or string and overestimate a little before you buy or cut wire. To cut the Cool Neon wire shorter, just use a pair of wire cutters or sharp scissors and seal the cut end with hot glue or shrink wrap.
  • Y Connectors are sturdier and are included with Plug & Play Harnesses, but Quad Connectors are easier to manage. Choose whichever you prefer.
  • If you’d like to make a face, you’ll need a 6th Plug & Play Harness and possibly an additional 6” extension. A common method is to make the outline of the head and the face on a piece of cardboard that you strap to your head.

As always, call or email us if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

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