EL Wire – Connecting a 9-Volt Battery Cap to a Cool Neon EL Wire Driver


To Connect a 9-Volt Battery Cap onto a Driver:

  1. Start by slipping a 1-inch piece of 3/16ths heat-shrink tubing over both the black and the red wires coming out of the 9-volt battery cap.
    • Next, slip a half-inch piece of 3/32nd heat-shrink tubing over each of the two wires, one for the red wire and one for the black.
  2. Tin the metal end of each of the wires coming out of the 9-volt battery cap.
    • (By “tin” we mean, apply the wire to the soldering iron, and apply the solder until the solder liquefies and lightly coats the wire.)
  3. Your driver will have a pair of wires coming out of it, one black, and one red.  These are the wires you’ll be dealing with.
    • As above, tin the metal end of each wire with some solder.
  4. Solder the red wire from the 9-volt battery cap onto the red wire coming out of your driver.
    • Solder the black wire from the 9-volt battery cap onto the black wire you’ve tinned on the driver.
  5. Now, push both the half-inch pieces of heat-shrink tubing over the solder joints, (the tubing should completely obscure the solder joints) and heat up the heat-shrink tubing using a heat gun or other heat source, being sure not to melt anything other than the heat-shrink tubing.
  6. Pull the one-inch piece of heat-shrink tubing that’s on both the red and black wires over both solder connections.  Apply heat, as in 5 above, melting the heat-shrink tubing.  Ta da!

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