Greetings, and welcome to Funhouse Creations.
We play hard at being purveyors and advocates of fun, harmless mischief, and a celebratory lifestyle.

Our specialty is transforming imagination into reality,  the creation of things that have never existed before.  Funhouse Creations will produce just about anything.

A long time ago…

Funhouse Productions began as a retail seller of multimedia art, specializing in screen printing, creating designs and logos for silk-screened shirts for businesses and events. We used 100% cotton shirts and environmentally safe water-based inks, no plastic. Over the years, we have been involved in the production and design of many custom projects, as well.

Later… We began our involvement with Cool Neon to create beautiful illusions specifically for the playa. Our project that year (1999) was a school of glowing fish, which inspired us and others to keep stretching our imaginations further.  Our own passion for color and light happily matched that of an ever-growing community.  And as our visions expanded, so did our options, bringing us to where the cutting edge of LED technology meets art never before made or seen.

A job, once accepted… is finished in a timely manner and to our perfectionist standards.  We bring our love of life and pursuit of fun to every project we’re involved in.

Reflecting our broader role and customer base, Funhouse Productions recently became Funhouse Creations Inc.  Now in its 15th year, the Funhouse has been a way of life.