Need to expand your skills for a new project?  Here are some tutorials to help you along the way.  And please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.  We’re here to help!


Cool Neon Design

Cool Neon Color Chart — helps you choose the perfect colors of Cool Neon EL wire for your project

Designing a Costume Using Cool Neon EL Wire — guides the beginner through the steps of creating a costume and offers tips to makers of all levels

Stickman Costume Design — a diagram that lays out an easy-to use template for making your own Stickman costume.  Use in conjunction with the Materials List for the Stickman Costume.

Materials List for the Stickman Costume — provides an itemized list of what you’ll need to create your own Stickman Costume based on the suggested Design above.


Cool Neon Electroluminescent (EL) Soldering Techniques

Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Soldering Cool Neon EL wire — a thorough guide with text and photos teaches you how to solder Cool Neon wire, written by our good friend Jeremy Bagai

Cool Neon EL Wire Soldering Video — Watch this demo by Ben and you’ll be making corny jokes your own Cool Neon projects in no time

Soldering a Connector or Lead Wire onto Cool Neon EL wire — A bulleted list of instructions for the copper foil method of soldering

Soldering a 9V Battery Snap to a Cool Neon EL Driver — Repair your driver (inverter) or add a second battery cage for 2x hours of fun

Soldering a Connector or Lead Wire onto a Cool Neon EL Flat Lamp — an overview of how to make these beautiful flat lamps plug-and-play

Total Control Lighting

Total Control Lighting: Intro Video — an overview of the basic elements and effects of Total Control Lighting

Total Control Lighting: Software Demo — a video introduction on how to use our free software to create dazzling effects with Total Control Lighting






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