Core Values


From the factory to the Funhouse, we’re committed to putting the highest standards of quality control and ethics into practice every step of the way.

Quality Control:

Ben James, the owner and fearless leader of Funhouse Creations Inc., personally visits once or twice each year the factories in China that make products for us.    With each visit, he reviews the production process and directs improvements based on our in-house testing and customer feedback.  Many of our products are made in the US by companies with whom Ben has worked for years.  Wherever our products are made, we’re committed to having all of the components we choose meet the highest standards of reliability.  Our ability to stand by our products allows us to offer our Return Policy on everything we sell.

Working Conditions:

Benny walks the floor of the companies he visits in China, interacting with employees and seeing their working conditions first-hand.  We’ll use only factories that maintain working conditions that we’d want to have ourselves.

Environmental Impact:

All of the packing material in the orders we ship out — paper, foam, or bubble wrap — is 100% material shipped to us as packaging or picked up from our local recycling center.   Whenever possible, our boxes are also post-use to minimize our use of natural resources.  This will mean sometimes that your order will arrive in a perfectly good but well-traveled box.

All of the battery-operated items that we sell use replaceable batteries.  We’ve never sold disposable products at Funhouse Creations!

If you have any questions about our policies or practices, please call us at 510-547-5878 or email us at