El Wire Soldering Lead Wire to the FLAT Lamp


Soldering lead wire to the FLAT Lamp

  1. The FLAT Lamp has two crimped-on leads at one end which are easy to solder to.
    • You can solder the leads of a driver or, as always, the leads of a connector onto the FLAT Lamp’s leads.
    •  The only important consideration is that the crimps easily melt through the plastic, so you must use a heat-sink over the crimped part of the tabs while soldering the ends (this can simply be a pair of pliers gripping the crimped parts).
  2. There is no need to pre-tin the leads from the FLAT Lamp; they will solder quite easily to your tinned lead wires.
    • Solder the leads of your driver or connector onto the crimped leads of the FLAT Lamp, one to one.
  3. After the two pins are soldered, the entire end should be protected from movement, because it is quite fragile.
    • We often coat the whole area with hot melt glue, being cautious again not to melt the plastic where the pins are crimped.