These are some of our favorite places to visit on the web!

  • REPLICA – Our own Scott Daigle’s trailer for his movie which will carry him to super-stardom! A must view. And yes he left Kinko’s®  to join us here.
  • Neil Young’s– New anti war album is as cutting edge as he has ever been.
  • Burning Man – Benny’s favorite art gallery in the whole world.
  • Desert Domes – this is Tara’s (one of our elves) site, and it’s the BEST place to go if you want to build a dome for Burning Man
  • Al Lasher’s Electronics – The best source of electronics in the Bay Area.
  • Burning Ideas – Kiki and Scott are way cool.
  • Dragon Debris – We worship everything JB and Dale do!
  • Cal Tech Has a great Optical Illusion explained on All Things Considered
  • Moon phases – How much moon light will we have on the Playa this year? And complete sun and moon data for one day here.
  • One of our fondest memories from Burning Man 2006 was Benny playing Dance-Dance-Revolution in a Marilyn’s bunny suit to this song.