Mar 132015

Electroluminescent WireThe 2015 festival season is in Full Swing! Electric Daisy Carnival is June 19 – 21 in Las Vegas, and Ephemerisle is in July. We know some of you must be getting ready right now so we thought you might to know what we have to brighten up your nights:

And what would we suggest? How about:

Angel Tears which are a strand of LEDs as close as we’ve seen to droplets of light.  You can weave the strand through your clothes, your hair, or anything your choose. Practically weightless and otherwise invisible, Angel Tears will give any project an ethereal quality. ( 6 1/2′ and 33′)
Pocket Plasma.  A disc of plasma light that reacts to music
Rainbow Tassles.  A burst of all 10 of our High Bright and Hella Phat colors
Fuze Necklaces.  polished quartz necklaces that radiate a spectrum of light. OR
Cool Neon Sunglasses

Look at all of our Cool Neon Instant Gratification kits, items that are ready to wear.

And here are a couple more possibilities:
Our 5ft plug and play unit. 10ft and 20ft options are available too.

For more advanced costumes our total control lighting paired with a gateway controller.
And do not forget about our TCL Mini Controller.

Rainbow Tassles will need a driver.  We suggest the AA Handheld driver.
Pocket Plasmas, drivers, and Plug & Play kits will need batteries.

Hope you have a wonderful time, and please send us photos of YOU having fun with your Cool Neon lighting!

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Feb 252015

TLC BeatsWe received a note from our client Garry Jones the creator of “Light Beats” and we thought you might like to read what he had to say.

“I am Garry Jones from Callahan, Florida. I am a graphic designer. I been playing with lights since high school. I brought my first color organ kit in 1971 and connected the outputs to three pot lights and the controller to a juke box so the customer got a light show when they played music. The concept kept the juke box playing and the customers loved it.

I first saw Funhouse Creations on YouTube and said “I got to get those lights for my Light Beats invention”. Light Beats are a spherical shaped three dimensional display of colored arrays of light that pulsate to music and/or programmed sequences, can be paired with Bluetooth devices like smartphones, Ipads or laptop computers, with optional Bluetooth speakers, for a complete light and sound experience. I use the opaque pvc bullet lights (Special Order TCL Pixels) and they have taken my invention to a higher level. They work perfectly on my “Light Beats” invention. I am working on a new version of my invention using the water clear pvc bullet lights (Special Order TCL Pixels) that will project color patterns on the walls, floor and ceiling at the same time. I will be showing my invention at “One Spark” in Jacksonville, Florida at Jacksonville Landing April 7 -12, 2015.
Special thanks to Funhouse Creations and especially for your great service.
Garry Jones”

Garry, we loved hearing from you and we love “Light Beats”.
You can find Garry’s “Light Beats” Facebook Page HERE!

Benny, Karen and the Elves