Jul 102015

Electroluminescent Wire CostumeCool Neon Electroluminescent Wire Costumes

Darryl Thomas of the Western Oregon University Dept. of Theater and Dance, Rainbow Dance Theatre, sent us these fabulous videos of his dance “The Owl and The Serpent”. Here is his description of his work:

It is a dance allegory loosely based on the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  The dance is approximately 25 minutes in length.  It features Cool Neon’s electroluminescent wire,  2.6mm high bright wire.  Each costume is actually two costumes in one (e.g. an owl & serpent, man & serpent, woman & owl).
I control the costumes using two, six circuit wireless controllers that I had designed and built for this dance. The specific circuit that is activated determines which costume is visible.  Each of the 12 circuits (per costume) is programmed on a timeline with the music.   Each costume has approximately 250′ – 300′ of 2.6mm high bright wire and is powered by a single 12 volt battery pack with approximately 12 blue fish drivers. Additionally there are props (bats, flowers, snake, etc.) and a full stage set element (tree branch with fruit) that are all controlled via the same wireless device and their on/off sequence is also programmed on a time line with the costumes.

Here is a five minute version of the dance:

The Owl & The Serpent from Darryl Thomas on Vimeo.

Rainbow Dance Theatre

Here is the entire 25 minute dance:

“The Owl & Serpent” Live Performance from Darryl Thomas on Vimeo.

Darryl  will be performing “The Owl & the Serpent” again in September, and we will let you know when and where just in case you live in the Pacific Northwest.

Daryl, we love it when you send us your work, and we love sharing it with our readers, thank you so much.

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Aug 152014

parasol cropped1

parasol with girls dale dawsonWe just love it when you send us photos and videos. Dale Dawson recently sent us these great photos of his gorgeous parasols. Aren’t they fabulous? He used 2.6 High Bright and for drivers he used one 35′ Fish with switch and one 50′ Strobe. And we knew you would want to see the video.


Dale also made this fabulous hat for New Years Eve one year. This is a photo of the back of a hat he made that hosts one of  Cool Neon’s Arduino Shields.

We love his work and look forward to seeing more of it.

Benny, Karen and the Elves

May 282013

neonsign-02 diy neon signKaren Horn of The Poopers blog has written a fabulous tutorial about How to Create a Neon Sign using “High Bright” wire for general use, or “Phat” electroluminescent wire from Cool Neon.  The tutorial specifies the specific supplies she used from Cool Neon, including the Quieter Blue Fish Driver, Heat Shrink Tubing (Heat Shrink Tubing is included for free with every purchase of Cool Neon wire (about an inch per estimated solder joint, but sometimes you might need a little bit more) and  Wire Side Connectors.  The other supplies needed can be purchased at the hardware store.

We love how clear and thorough this tutorial is, and you could apply her steps to lots of different projects.

Thanks for the great tips Karen and we would love to hear from you when you create your next Cool Neon project.

Benny, Karen and the Elves