Jun 222015
We received this lovely note from Joe Mitchell and wanted to share it with you! Gotta love these Electroluminescent Wire Phones!
Joe 1joe 4joe 7Joe said “I made the giant phone from clear acrylic, glued together with E6000. Glued the Cool Neon Electro Luminescent Wire on with Zap A Gap.”
Small Photo Electroluminescent Wire1
Small Photo Electroluminescent Wire2 Small Photo Electroluminescent Wire3 Small Photo Electroluminescent Wire4 Small Photo Electroluminescent Wire6And then Joe explained “The smaller phone we got at a thrift store. I gutted it, painted it black, and fabricated some mechanisms into a vegetable can to make the number dial animatable. Back-lit the number dial with LEDs.”
Benny’s soldering tutorial helped a ton! Good video.
Thanks for the excellent service, take care!”

Joe stopmo shot3 on Vimeo.

Joe Stopmo shot1 on Vimeo.

And he sent along a couple of videos for you to see!
Wow, we love these phones and thanks so much for sharing them with us Joe!
Benny, Karen and the Elves