Jun 262013

jaki levyJaki Levy of Arrowroot Media and who’s part of the [freespace] crew handled most of the interactive / lights elements, now illuminated with Total Control Lighting pixels in our brand new diffraction Keebler Cube, and his fellow artist, Eleas Kostis of Praxis Designs did the bulk of the woodwork and metalwork on this sculpture. The photo above shows the inside of the sculpture where the pixels are being used.

jaki levy sculptureHere is a photo of the sculpture being loaded to go to the TV of Tomorrow Show that is at Yerba Buena Center right now.  You can view some of the code for the project HERE and some additional documentation can be viewed HERE.

javi sculpture
And here is the sculpture being displayed at the TV of Tomorrow Show. It looks great in the room with the Total Control Pixel Screen.
We are so excited to see this fabulous sculpture live and we especially appreciate the shared documentation.
Benny, Karen and the Elves
Jun 242013

rsz_tv of tomorrow show benny liveThe 7th annual TV of Tomorrow Show is being held Tuesday and Wednesday, June 25th – 26th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.  Meet the experts who are creating the future of interactive and multiplatform TV.  You’ll see our 20′ Total Control pixel screen opposite the stage, as well as some great works of art in the gallery.  Jaki Levy, who’s part of the [freespace] crew, will be exhibiting his sculptures, now illuminated with Total Control Lighting pixels in our brand new diffraction Keebler Cubes.