Aug 142011

Total Control Lighting - Cool Neon - Benjamin JamesSeveral TCL projects will be debuting on the Playa this year.
Look for Light and Illusion Camp (Birthday and 4:30),
and on the move: the Disco Fish and Jon Sarriugarte and Kyrsten Mate’s Serpent Twins.

Concept drawing - Jon Sarriugarte and Kyrsten Mate’s Serpent Twins.

  One Response to “Total Control Lighting Debuting on the Playa in 2011”

  1. Benny, this is Josh with the Trojan Horse camp. I am so excited to see this again after seeing it in your showroom. I think I want to talk to you about using this technology to light up one of our cubes located on the top of our 6 story scaffolding structure. We have a 8×8 cube wrapped in 75% shade cloth. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Here’s a photo from last year to show you what Vertical Camp looks like with the normal 25 watt LED bulbs (single color):

    Talk to you soon,