Sep 262012

We got a note from the Humber Bridge Sculpture Crew in Toronto, Canada, about their progress and thought you might like to see this amazing piece of light sculpture.  They still have 40 hours to go on their fundraising,  it is an all volunteer project and they are trying to cover the costs via donations, check it out HERE.

And here are a couple of quick videos for your viewing pleasure:

They’re Alive and The Large Creature is Almost Done

They used over 1000 Total Control Lighting pixels (1033 to be precise), and stuck a wireless router inside the sculptures so they can play with them whenever they want.  Otherwise the entire thing runs off sequences on an SD card.  The sculptures themselves are made of fibreglass with steel cables to hang them from the bridge.  The creatures are inspired by the aquatic nature of the location.  They encourage people to interpret them as they see fit, like a Rorschach test  (answers range from squid to giant teeth).

Benny, Karen and the Elves