May 222013
Artist's Rendering of seaGrass

Artist’s Rendering of seaGrass

We’re super excited to support the next project from the genius mind that created Fur Swarm, one of the coolest group projects that use Total Control Lighting on the Playa.

Coming to the Playa in 2013, seaGrass.  What is seaGrass?  Imagine wandering around the desert on the Playa late at night and coming upon a field of huge, gently swaying, beautifully lit blades of grass. You’ll be drawn to immerse yourself, interact with and wander through the blades. Lay down, look up, pretend you’re a fish…

If you would like to follow this project feel free to “Like” their Facebook Page HERE or to make a contribution to this gorgeous project, Seagrass, coming to the Playa in 2013  HERE.

Benny, Karen and the Elves