Aug 202013

Spinning baji naji better  Our customer, Jason Guy, sent us a video and this note.

…as you have been such a big help in the past I thought you might enjoy this preview of the sculpture I’ve done for Two Lanterns Camp (3:45 & A) this year. It’s called Spinning Baji-Naji and after a 2 year hiatus its fun to be playing with el-wire again.

Spinning Baji-Naji is 7 ft tall and 14.5 ft square. It consists of 7 primary animated rotating sequences, and of those 6 rotate both up & down for a total of 13 sequences in all.  The order of the sequences is semi random with the sequence change triggered either by stepping on a pressure sensor when walking into the sculpture or after a delayed time period of 20-30 minutes if the sensor has not been triggered.

And as  much as I love art on the open playa I’ve have always liked the idea of bringing art into the city, so Spinning Baji-Naji will located in the Two Lanterns Camp (which will also be serving morning coffee and preforming weddings – shameless plug) which is located at 3:45 & Airplane.

And of course many many thanks to all of you at Cool Neon.

Here’s a link to some raw video taken during a demo last week (a more formal video showing all 13 sequences will follow after the burn.):

We are getting excited to be on the Playa and hope you are too, and Jason, we look forward to seeing a formal video showing all 13 sequences, but we always love to see the process of how it is being created, so thank you for sending the raw video.

We think it is going to be fabulous, don’t you?

Benny, Karen and the Elves