Aug 222013

Cool Neon will be on holiday beginning Saturday, August 24th.

All orders placed by midnight Friday, August 23rd will be shipped before we leave for the playa. All orders placed as of 6pm this evening, Thursday, are now shipped, and Will Call orders are ready to be picked up. Walk-in shopping is available 11 am – 4 pm through tomorrow Friday, August 23rd. Everything in our catalog is in stock.

Please see our Instant Gratification category for pre-soldered Cool Neon wire. We have every color of ready-to-go 5-, 10- and 20-foot Plug and Play Units with the driver of your choice.

Please note: due to extreme last minute customer volume, order changes and returns can’t be processed until we return the second week of September, so please order cautiously.

If you miss our order deadline and are headed to the Playa, you can pick up some “Instant Gratification” items at the SaveMart grocery stores in Reno, and a wider variety of products at Al Lasher’s Electronics on 1734 University Ave. in Berkeley (their phone # is 510-843-5915).

Our annual Playa vacation starts Saturday. We’ll be back and glowing the second week of September.

Benny, Karen and the Elves