Dec 182013

Colleen_Marry_MeOur client Rodrigo Torres, reached out to Cool Neon to help him propose to Colleen, his girlfriend who LOVES lights.  This is what he said to us in him email:

Colleen *loves* lights AND rainbow colors, so when I was thinking of how to propose to her I knew I wanted to do it in rainbow lights… but I didn’t know the first thing about how to do it. A friend of mine did some research online and found and said “They are based in Oakland and sell to the crowd that goes to the Playa. If they can’t help, they may know who can!”
So I called and said “I want to do this proposal and have no idea how to do it,” and as G walked me through the options I could tell he was the right guy to talk to. I drove down immediately (from Concord) and G and Karen totally helped me out with ideas and real know-how.
After putting the sign together (one letter per board), I ran into a problem with the purple being not as bright as the other colors, so I went back and again they knew their stuff and set me up with a bigger battery pack which brought the light up to equal the others.
It was a good thing I had to go back, because it was on the second visit that I found the ring! A light up heart ring. How perfect is that? 🙂 I had ordered another ring but didn’t like it as much. (this was a proposal ring, the actual engagement ring we are getting together).
So…. it was awesome! Here is the video of the whole process and proposal  …so you can see…. I also have some photos and I’m including the cool panorama that a friend took (attached).
All of my friends loved it, and we even heard that people around the lake heard about it!
Thank you for making it possible!
Rodrigo 🙂
PS: I’ll have to find a time to bring Colleen in since she LOVES lights. Did I say she loves lights already 😉


Rodrigo, We couldn’t be happier for you and Colleen, and to have even a small hand in your awesome wedding proposal.  Congratulations!  May your many years together be filled with joy and light.

Thanks so much for sending us your videos, beautifully put together.  Gian and I were really moved.  We are going to publish the message, so your proposal can inspire others.
Benny, Karen and the Elves