Jan 092014

honda 8 bridge cityExciting times here at Cool Neon. Our own Benny James designed and installed  High Bright Standard 2.6mm Cool Neon wire and one Big Boy Driver, one Driver Max, and four CAT-09s for the bubbles on the tail, on a 2014 Honda Civic for a commercial that was shot on Treasure Island.

The Honda commercial is called “Today is Pretty Great”.  The line they use for the Cool Neon car is “What about art?”.  Its first airing was during 2 Broke Girls, and from where he is working in Hollywood right now, Benny tells us that the commercials are also in heavy rotation on Comedy Central.
In the 15 second spot below the car is at :06. (If you have a problem getting the videos to load, try refreshing).

In this 2:38 minute spot, our Cool Neon decorated car can be seen at :56 – :58.

If you want to see more, Honda is using the hashtag #LoveToday.

honda 5 better no bridge

We hope you are as entertained by seeing it as we were in making it.

Benny, Karen and the Elves