Feb 112014

led wall 2led wall 1Hero Design and Adobe’s XD team created an 8′ x 16′ interactive wall using over 4,000 Total Control Lighting pixels for an astounding exhibit at the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco. Starting with a mock up in foam and peg board by Adobe’s Tim Kukulski and implemented by Hero Design, this massive wall of 8-bit images was a perfect project for the individually programmable pixels.  You can learn about their process HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

LED Wall wiringled wal construction1

 This is the Result:

We’re delighted to see our pixels in such a creative project!

design consultation and fabrication by Hero Design
physical design, embedded software, display driver, interaction design and game implementation by Timothy Kukulski
sound design by Russ Butler
touch drivers by Will Ruby
active floor electronics, embedded software and fabrication by Sean Voisen
assembly and installation by Adobe XD