Jul 292014

disco yacht2Our client sent us these fun videos of his entry into the Dana Point Boat Parade of Lights 2013, and this is what he had to say:

You see plenty of LED on the Playa, but not the default world. We prepared our CoolNeon Pixel sail for the Dana Point harbor. Then ran LEDs along the rest of the boat.

It was our first entry in the boat parade, and we won best animation in her class. Nothing says Happy Holidays more than an animated pole dancer.

Thanks CoolNeon, you made our holidays extra special.

And we know you want to know what he used: 25 x 15 Pixel Square + “Elite” 2K Controller (TCLPXLC2)

Thanks for sharing such wonderful, creative fun, Kevin. We look forward to more.

Benny, Karen, and the Elves