Grokit Ship BEhicle


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The “Grokit Ship BEhicle” is a 44-foot-long art car. It opens inside as an 8-foot diameter toroid that will fill you with wonder and joy. A journey on the BEhicle is a meaningful journey that will reflect your life!

Grokit Ship BEhicle

Grokit Ship BEhicle

As you go down into the BEhicle “rabbit hole”, you’ll be entering a “quantum portal” designed to enhance creativity, relaxation, transformation, and FUN!

Between 5,000 and 10,000 LED lights will adorn the skin of the BEhicle

The GAME Lifeboard is incorporated at the back of the Ship, as a 64-square-foot eXperience

The Sacred Space Pod is mounted in front

The Pod is the first “Sensory Exaltation Tank” which induces a powerful light and sound experience, within a former flotation device that was converted into a beautifully enhanced, visionary tromp l’oeil master PEACE!

Dozens of Windsinger Instruments will be available to play, with a ten-foot version of this unique instrument installed as a vibrational mast.

Please help us complete the Grokit Ship so we can have it lit up to its maximum effectiveness. Not only will the playa gain the benefits of this “Instrument of Mass Creation”, it will travel to other festivals, events, and be brought to Silicon Valley for team building and corporate culture building.

Help us share this spirit of cooperation! Please get on board and support this one-of-a-kind classic retro-ship and earn a ticket to ride… Go to to access the BEhicle Facebook page.

Thanks for your support and all donors will get a special gift of thanks to help bring this consciousness creation to life.

Jai Hudes & Paul Sable

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