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  1. Can we bring stuff we already bought to the soldering party?

  2. where’s your spot? I’d love to come check it out 🙂

  3. Will you be open this weekend at all? Heading up to the Bay Area – would love to purchase in person!

  4. 1433 Mandela Parkway
    Oakland CA

    Next Soldering Party:
    Wednesday August 10th

  5. Will you have a soldering party on Sept 7?

    • Our soldering party events are leading up to Burning Man which is Aug. 29 – Sept. 5th. We have 2 more scheduled!

  6. Benny, this is Josh with the Trojan Horse camp. I am so excited to see this again after seeing it in your showroom. I think I want to talk to you about using this technology to light up one of our cubes located on the top of our 6 story scaffolding structure. We have a 8×8 cube wrapped in 75% shade cloth. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Here’s a photo from last year to show you what Vertical Camp looks like with the normal 25 watt LED bulbs (single color):

    Talk to you soon,

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  8. Are reservations/RSVP necessary to attend said distinguished event?

  9. I just bought some El wire from Al Lasher Electronics…. I had know idea you were right around the corner from me.. I caint wait to come to a party. I have many ideas for this wire…

  10. […] Some of my favorite friends hosted us at the amazing Exploratorium
 Opening Gala, and when we arrived there were Rickshaws to take us from the car to the entrance to the Gala, and some guest rode on the Serpent Twins. […]

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  19. […] Cool Neon Electroluminescent Wire and Leather Necklace (with Instructable) […]

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  22. […] The tornadoes were represented by lime green Cool Neon Electroluminescent Wire wrapped around her legs, and held up (more or less) by elastic bands. The wind was shown two ways: she carried a leaf blower painted black she had blowing when she entered the room; and also she sewed cocktail umbrellas and little cars all over her petticoat, as a lot of her deck umbrellas went flying off during the storm. For some extra drama, she sewed a “dog collar” of flashing colored lights. This took a few weeks of planning, researching, and sewing, but it was worth it: it was the first time she had seen so many of her friends actually speechless! And she won First Prize for Best Costume. The only problem is: How is she going to top this next year? Then we have the talented Mikaela Holmes who makes fabulous costumes. You  can read more about her process and different looks in our prior post HERE. And do you remember this fabulous costume? You can read more about it HERE. […]

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