Feb 252015

TLC BeatsWe received a note from our client Garry Jones the creator of “Light Beats” and we thought you might like to read what he had to say.

“I am Garry Jones from Callahan, Florida. I am a graphic designer. I been playing with lights since high school. I brought my first color organ kit in 1971 and connected the outputs to three pot lights and the controller to a juke box so the customer got a light show when they played music. The concept kept the juke box playing and the customers loved it.

I first saw Funhouse Creations on YouTube and said “I got to get those lights for my Light Beats invention”. Light Beats are a spherical shaped three dimensional display of colored arrays of light that pulsate to music and/or programmed sequences, can be paired with Bluetooth devices like smartphones, Ipads or laptop computers, with optional Bluetooth speakers, for a complete light and sound experience. I use the opaque pvc bullet lights (Special Order TCL Pixels) and they have taken my invention to a higher level. They work perfectly on my “Light Beats” invention. I am working on a new version of my invention using the water clear pvc bullet lights (Special Order TCL Pixels) that will project color patterns on the walls, floor and ceiling at the same time. I will be showing my invention at “One Spark” in Jacksonville, Florida at Jacksonville Landing April 7 -12, 2015.
Special thanks to Funhouse Creations and especially for your great service.
Garry Jones”

Garry, we loved hearing from you and we love “Light Beats”.
You can find Garry’s “Light Beats” Facebook Page HERE!

Benny, Karen and the Elves

Jul 292014

disco yacht2Our client sent us these fun videos of his entry into the Dana Point Boat Parade of Lights 2013, and this is what he had to say:

You see plenty of LED on the Playa, but not the default world. We prepared our CoolNeon Pixel sail for the Dana Point harbor. Then ran LEDs along the rest of the boat.

It was our first entry in the boat parade, and we won best animation in her class. Nothing says Happy Holidays more than an animated pole dancer.

Thanks CoolNeon, you made our holidays extra special.

And we know you want to know what he used: 25 x 15 Pixel Square + “Elite” 2K Controller (TCLPXLC2)

Thanks for sharing such wonderful, creative fun, Kevin. We look forward to more.

Benny, Karen, and the Elves

Jul 192014


Red Cylon Eye

Red Cylon Eye

We suspect that if you knew what a cylon was, you would want to install one. So, from Chris Knight, here is the first Instructable “Put a Cylon On It“, and this is how it starts…

Last year the comedy sketch show ‘Portlandia‘ made fun of an arts and craft trend, where craft artists would take ordinary items and ‘put a bird on it’. I fell victim to a similar trend in the geek crowd: Take an ordinary silver item and add LEDs to ‘put a cylon in it’. :)

When I saw the Total Control Lighting strands, the first thing that came to mind was sticking these on the front of my Jeep to create a ‘Cylon Eye’. Installing them in the Jeep was a breeze, which then freed me up to tinker with the software. I now have a multi-mode Cylon Eye with a pretty purple control module in my Jeep.

As you can see from the Instructable, the Red Cylon Eye uses the Super Density WS2812 strip on the Awesome Developer Kit.

We just heard from Chris again, and he has made some final tweaks to the Red Cylon Eye, outlined in this Instructable.